Seating Arrangement.. and stereotypes.

So, I came across this picture on the internet, and I feel that it does a pretty good job of summarizing some of the stereotypes that truly exist in the college atmosphere.

Along with this, I think a list should be created that depicts the type of students that lurk in college classrooms across America.

For example:

Those of us who are privileged enough to attend a regional campus have all encountered..

The Mom: She’s coming back to college to do the kids proud, and in the process, annoy just about everyone on campus.

I have created a very crude (and by crude I mean simple, not brash or rude) flow chart to help you identify the college mom.

In addition to these questions, one could also add the following:

Does she constantly talk about her kids?
Does she consistently look lost?
Does she treat people in her group like kids?

I think you get the drift…

There will be more to come.. such as “The Guy who always answers the questions, ” “The Guy who always asks the stupid questions,” “The Heavy Breather,” “The Whiner,” “The Person who always gives the wrong answer”.. and the list goes on.

Stay tuned!

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One Comment on “Seating Arrangement.. and stereotypes.”

  1. lindsayweed Says:

    oh no. this made me laugh really hard.

    according to your chart, i’m a ‘mid center: bring it on’ student.

    yes, suh, that’s how i roll! bring it!

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