I Have a Theory

So I found a pretty sweet website ( http://ihaveatheory.tumblr.com/ ) that I felt like sharing.

The premise of the website is to have users submit their “theories”. It is important to note that by theory the website is not looking for a scientific statement derived from a set hypotheses, rather it seeks the submission of simple truths that are discovered by people like you and me.

So without further ado, here are some of my theories:

There was/is only one original Mexican band, and they wrote a solid 12 track album. Since then every Mexican band that you will ever hear covers that one original band. This would explain the undeniable similarities that you hear when listening to Mexican music, i.e. the same exact songs with different voices. Don’t believe me? Go to your favorite Mexican restaurant, and then go to their competitor across town. You WILL hear the same music. If there’s only one Mexican restaurant in town, then stop a Latino fellow and ask him to sing for you. Please don’t be shocked when he busts out in one of the 12 songs that exist.

Next theory,..

Nothing can sap human intelligence like a four-way stop sign. Is it really that hard?? I mean the person who gets there first goes first (pretty simple). HOWEVER, in the rare case that two cars arrive at the same time, the person who is one the right-hand side goes first as a rule of the thumb. All of your driving woes have now been assuaged.

Unfortunately, no one knows these rules. They seem to be one of those esoteric concepts like the meaning of the Rosetta Stone. You should send me a dollar for sharing that secret knowledge with you.

I shall add some more theories in the future.. as for now, it’s time to tie up some loose ends.

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