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The truth about Halloween

October 31, 2008


Presidential Debates

October 29, 2008

Aren’t they all the same???

Money Money Moooonnneey

October 9, 2008

Money seems to be on everyone’s mind in lieu of the recent castastrophe in the financial markets. And as much as I would enjoy explaining why we’re in this state, I would much rather give you some tools to defend yourself against what’s going to be a pretty rough time for a while.

Consumerist – Absolutely amazing website that details everything from how to save more money, to exactly what certain financial terms mean.

Financial Calculator –  Do the terms Net Present Value, Perpetuity, and Indenture seem foreign to you? If so, you might want to use this calculator for savings or loans.

Finances and College – Read this article and its links.. espescially if you’re in college.

My thoughts on the current status:

Q: Is the sky falling?

A: Not the last time that I checked

Q: Will students be able to get loans for college in the next 2 years?

A: Next year, maybe. 2 years from now, probably not.

Q: How many jobs will be lost?

A: A lot

Q: Will the bailout save us?

A: Short answer = no. The long answer utimately equals no too. The bailout is an attempt to free of the credit markets to ensure that lending continues so that small businesses can continue to pay it’s fixed and variable costs (payroll, materials, etc.). Unfortunately, making tax payers pay 800 billion dollars (about $2,670 per person : ) ) will not solve the problem. The markets should fail, start over, and in the process, correct themselves.

Q: Will John McCain or Barack Obama’s plan work?

A: They have plans,.. seriously?

Q: Will we go into a great depression?

A: Probably not, but it will be pretty bad

Q: What caused all of this?

A: Among other things, Bill Clinton allowed people who shouldn’t have received loans to get loans.. in fact he mandated that some of them get loans. That coupled with a graduated repayment schedule spelled disaster for several families. The way it worked went a little something like this.. A family can only afford a $400 /month payment.. the loan repayment starts there. Then, after a year or so, their payment is bumped up to $500/month or more. This, in turn, made families, who were already on tight budgets, unable to repay the loans. Ba-da-bing ya got ya foreclosures….. now multiply that by a few million or more. Thanks for representing the repressed Bill.. I think that we will all be repressed by the time it’s over.

It’s also worthy to mention the utter greed displayed by people lending the money. The higher the risk the higher the interest rate which means the more that people have to pay. Low income families = high risk… high interest rate.. high profits for the lendors.

Q: Is a one-world currency on its way?

A: Very possibly. Several markets around the world are doing very poorly, and there is much talk about the position of the USA in the global market, and a desire to move to one currency.

Q:  Could America be different because of this?

A: Absolutely.. I think that it is already is.

Q: Are we moving toward solicialism?

A: The government is starting to own serveral large banks, not to mention the increasing role of the FED.. you tell me.

Q: Who will save us?



October 7, 2008

Am I the only person who finds 90% of cards to be absolutely worthless?

I think that there are better ways of expressing your feelings or gratitude than some contrived saying that someone else created and then plastered on nice card stock before neatly folding. Granted, some cards are funny. I enjoy those. I also enjoy some serious cards too… especially personalized ones with thoughts that are original and meaningful.

I have received 2, maybe 3, cards in my entire life that I actually meant something to me. As it turns out, those were full of stuff that wasn’t exactly true anyways.

My philosophy: Cards are sort of expensive, and you should make them yourself because they are definitely going to be way cooler. If you don’t make them yourself, at least put something original thought into the card.


October 7, 2008

Hello friends..

I deleted my facebook account. I did not block/delete you as a friend, so please don’t be dismayed by this occurrence.

I didn’t really delete it because of any one person or circumstance, I just kind of wanted to have my life back.. or at least the hours that facebook was worthlessly eating up.

At this time I don’t plan on restoring the account.