The Divine Paradox

There is no denying that the raw, unfiltered expression that is exuded from people can be rather complex. This complexity is derived, in my opinion, from the axiom that all people are uniquely the same.

Everyone breathes, eats, drinks, sleeps, etc.

Everyone loves, hurts, hopes, etc.

I would also posit that most everyone has an underlying need of belonging. There have been several psychological studies (Baumeister and Leary) that have come to this conclusion in a much more scientific manner, so I wouldn’t err in passing this off as my own revolutionary epiphany. However, I think that just about anyone would agree that people are driven by the need of importance to some extent or another.

Think about it: People love their own ideas. People generally promote their own agendas. People strive to be on top.

Is there anything wrong with this??

Yes and no.

First of all, if you don’t like your own ideas, then you should probably come up with better ones or start to appreciate yourself a little bit. And if you’re not comfortable promoting your own agenda, then you should get a new modus vivendi (or operandi). The pursuit of power, on the other hand, is often where most problems occur.

The cause of nearly every war, if not every war, stems from a desire to attain power. The ability to manipulate and control others seems to be a favorite past time of the human race. We shamelessly wield our power to incite fear and terror in others. Fear promotes action more than any other emotion (aside from hope). This action promotes change. Change is inevitably shaped by the oppressor. Thus, the oppressor dictates the affairs of the inferior.

Solution: With God, everything seems to be in reverse.

The way up is down.

To truly find ourselves, we have to lose ourselves.

Letting go it the first step in actually getting a hold.

Giving is the best way to gain.

First = Last and the converse holds true via the commutative  property

Getting ahead requires you to get behind.

Races aren’t won by the strong and the swift.. but to those who endure.

Kings are defined by their servitude

True strength and power are attained by making yourself vulnerable

Pride yields destruction

Justice is balanced with mercy

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