Hug Me Pillow = Straight-up Bizarre

So, entrepreneurs can be pretty creative sometimes. Their ingenuity has lead to some pretty amazing accomplishments, e.g. man landing on the moon. In addition to the amazing accomplishments, entrepreneurs have also made our lives much more comfortable… enter the creepy Hug Me Pillow.

What could help you sleep better at night? Apparently, this inventor thinks that having something that resembles half of a dead body will help. Seriously, who would buy this?


Well,.. if you’re extremely lonely, and you feel that having half of a torso and an arm is going to assuage that emptiness, then here’s the link to buy your “Hug-Me” Pillow. They’re only $30!!!!

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One Comment on “Hug Me Pillow = Straight-up Bizarre”

  1. lindsayweed Says:

    i am so excited about the possibility of owning such a product that i nearly peed.

    seriously…this is absolutely hilarious.

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